British Red Cross M.I.A notice for Pte Mark Foreman May 23rd 1918
A letter from The Front from Mark’s brother Simon to his brother and sister-in-law, Nathanand Rachel Foreman-December 10th 1918
A transcript of the above reads:
Dear Nat and Ray I am sorry for not being able to thank you for your parcel before now but I am glad to say it has been very useful. I received your parcel this evening before we started our long journey and it made my journey more pleasant than it would have been without the parcel. Well Nat and Ray I am now at a village called Haverlange right in Belgium. I don’t know what town we are near but I think we are very near the German frontier. I would not be surprised if we finish up in Germany now. It took us 3 days to get here and it was some journey. We started off with an 8 hours ride in a motor lorry and then all night in a train rather a truck. We stayed at town for one day the name of Marche. The next day we had another 4 hours in a motor lorry and that brought us to this place. This is a quiet village and the civilians are very good. They can’t speak or understand a word of English and it makes it very awkward. We are billeted in empty rooms and I am pretty comfortable. Well I will now close hoping it won’t be long before I make a move for home. Regards to All xxxxxxxxxxxxx to Alf I am Your Loving Brother + Bro-in-law Simie

Mark's War

A transcription of a First World War diary

Amongst the archives we found this photo, which might or might not be, Mark Foreman. It would be nice to think that it is.